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A Happy Father

I recently acquired the law services of Ron Billingsley, and I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out. The issues I brought forward to Ron were parenting time with my children (despite the presence of an Emergency Protection Order (EPO), with respect to my ex and the children), representation regarding the EPO, and effective negotiation with efficient costs. Mr. Billingsley got me a very specified access schedule, by consent, with my high conflict ex. He was honest, trusting, and took extra time after court to discuss cost benefit analysis with my family and I. Mr. Billingsley also advised not to litigate, saying that a consent order is the best I’d do in court. On the order I was given quite a bit of parenting time (considering my children live in another province), equal decision making for the children, and a police enforcement clause to ensure I will see them. I was very pleased with Mr. Billingsley’s services and wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again if need be.

Thank you Ron Billingsley,

Taylor Snook

Common Law Spousal Support and Property Division

“Ron Billingsley was able to get me significant spousal support from my ex-common-law spouse for 5 years through negotiation in a 4-way meeting, and also to negotiate the division of my ex’s pension that was accumulated through our long-term common law relationship. Ron advised me throughout the process on what was a fair settlement, and through his effective negotiation, I was able to avoid costly litigation through the Courts. I was extremely happy with Ron’s representation and service to me throughout, and would highly recommend him on the issues of common-law spousal support and property division.”

Candy Cormier

Divorces and Minutes of Settlement or a Separation Agreement

“Ron drafted Minutes of Settlement after my marriage ended that concluded all issues including a waiver of spousal support and matrimonial property division on a cost-effective and timely basis. I was able to avoid costly litigation in Court and had an amicable separation from my ex-husband.”


Child Support Arrears and Parenting

“I was in a long-term relationship involving three children. My ex was extremely aggressive in Court and took every opportunity to haul me into all levels of Court, including Masters Chambers for contempt for being behind on my child support and child support arrears involving Maintenance Enforcement, and both Court of Queen’s Bench and Provincial to rehear an old Provincial Order that imputed my income much higher than I actually earned. Mr. Billingsley competently represented me in all 3 levels of Court, and in the end, he reduced my child support arrears by more than half, and negotiated a Consent Order wherein I have all 3 of my children back with me, and now my ex owes me child support. I will not hesitate to hire Mr. Billingsley again should my ex continue his litigious ways or if he fails to pay me child support or falls into child support arrears of his own. If you are in arrears for child support, Mr. Billingsley is the lawyer to hire to ensure that you pay a fair amount based on your actual income and the Federal Child Support Guidelines.”

Angie Erskine


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